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      According to the standard import system, according to the policy to obtain subsidies

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      The young team, professional and rigorous attitude, the spirit of dedicated efforts, won the trust of customers
      Shenzhen Shihua Testing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and professional third-party agent consulting service company with independent legal personality approved by the industrial and commercial department. It is mainly engaged in electronic and electrical product safety (safety), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and radio communication certification consulting. At the same time, it is also the best CCC cooperation company of China Quality Certification Center (CQC), Guangzhou Saibao, Guangzhou Weikai (CVC), China Inspection Group, Shenzhen Institute of metrology, etc. Can provide all aspects of domestic and export testing and certification services for your products.
      The company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shenzhen Baoan District Xixiang, convenient transportation, beautiful environment. We have many years of experience of engineers and excellent and professional marketing team. Sht company is committed to high-quality service, rich industry experience and professional technical knowledge, to help domestic and foreign manufacturers to successfully obtain national product certification certificates, and to help manufacturers expand overseas markets.

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      In the increasingly competitive market economy environment, every enterprise has made every effort to remain invincible. Among them, consulting on enterprise management and control is the preferred way for many enterprises to enhance their market competitiveness. After the advent of enterprise management and control consulting, it has attracted a large number of enterprises' attention
      Many enterprises will have a sudden sense of relief when they accept the consulting services provided by the enterprise management and control consulting company. However, once the consulting service provided by the enterprise management and control consulting company is completed, it will be forgotten, which is bound to be difficult to achieve the expected effect of enterprise management and control consultation. If enterprises want to give full play to the significance of enterprise management and control consultation, they must establish a sound enterprise management and control consulting system
      As we all know, the strategic consulting company, as a compass when the development of enterprises is confused, is of great importance to the enterprise. In recent years, which strategic consulting company has a good reputation and how to select a strategic consulting company has become a problem faced by many enterprises. The following are three points for attention on how to select a strategic consulting company.
      With the increasing demand of enterprises for management consulting projects, these demands promote the development of consulting industry to a certain extent, and consulting companies also feel that customers' requirements for the success rate of consulting projects are constantly improving. Then the following simple analysis of the three key factors for the success of the management consulting project.
      When I am criticizing others and criticizing others, I deeply understand that the other party is "I", in fact, "I" is criticizing "I" myself. Tell yourself repeatedly: he (she) is me. Tell yourself repeatedly that the other person is "I". And asked myself again and again, "what mistakes did I see in this?"
      At a party attended by many celebrities, "Riley", a gray haired veteran of Pakistani film industry, hobbled to his seat on crutches. Do you often go to see a doctor? Raleigh: Yes, often. Host: why? Raleigh: because patients have to go to the doctor often to live.
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